Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering and Analysis; including but not limited to:

Analysis of Drilling And Production Risers

Analysis of Drilling And Production Risers

1.Pre-FEED and FEED

2.Detailed Design

3.Linear and nonlinear structural analysis of Floating bodies

4.Frequency domain dynamic analysis

5.Time domain dynamic analysis


7.Finite element analysis

8.Fatigue analysis for welded joints

9.Strength and Fatigue analysis

10.Crack propagation analysis.

11.Reliability analysis for Reserve Strength Ratio (RSR) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Planning.

12.Forensic Analysis : Post Failure

13.Full Global Analysis

Crack Propagation Analysis

Crack Propagation Analysis

14.Redundancy Analysis

15.Fatigue Analysis

16.Site-Specific Analysis

17.Punch –Through Analysis

18.Hull and Scantlings Design

19.Cantilever, Substructure, Drill Floor, Derrick:  Engineering, Modifications and Upgrades

20.Crane, Thruster Engineering and Design

21.Collision Analysis

22.Corrosion Analysis

23.Wet and Dry Tow Analyses and Procedures

24.Earthquake Analysis

25.Blast Analysis

26.Risers (Rigid and Flexible) Analysis

27.Subsea Pipelines



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