R-550D Jackup Rig

  • High-capacity, extended reach cantilever rig, rated for 3,500 Kips (1,587 mt) combined drilling load with extended reach to 80 Ft. (24.4 m) aft of transom.
  • Operating Variable Deck Load 11,000 Kips (4,989 mt).
  • Active/reserve mud pits 4,220 barrel (671 m3).
  • Three mud pumps, each 2,220 HP (1,641 KW) TSC or equivalent.
  • Drill floor/cantilever, configured for off-line stand building with Iron Roughnecks.
  • Living Quarters for 150-plus, with up to 11 office/conference/training rooms; configured to suit client needs.
  • Utilities and drains configured for Zero Discharge.
  • Base design for closed loop or air cooling of all equipment.
  • High-speed preload system for minimized mobilization time.
  • Superior jacking capacity with 54 pinions allows jacking with full preload of 70,000 Kips (31,746 mt), in addition to normal jacking of 54,000 Kips (24,490 mt).
  • Footprint compatible with MLT-116, KFELS Mod V-B or JU-2000A.
  • Drilling depth 30,000 Ft. (9,144 m).
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Outboard Profile


Top Plan View


Machinery Deck


Hull Length: 260 ft (79.2 m)
Hull Breadth: 261 ft (79.6 m)
Hull Depth: 27 ft (8.2 m)
Leg Type: Open truss X-braced legs
Leg Count: 3 Let Configuration
Leg Length: 558.5 ft (170.2 m)
Jacking and Fixation System
Jacking: TSC SJ1000 or equivalent
Fixation: Zenlock ™ System (Patented)
Operation Characteristics
Water Depth: 400 ft (121.9 m)
Variable Deck Load: 11,000 Kips (4,989 mt)
Cantilever: 80 ft (24.4 m) Clear Aft
Transverse: +/- 20ft (6.1 m)
Combined Load Capacity: 3,500 Kips (1,587 mt)
Hook Load Kips: 1,500 Kips (680 mt)
Derrick: 40 x 45 by 160 ft (12.2 x 13.7 x 48.8 m)
Capacity: 150-plus
Staterooms are single and double Office, conference, training rooms
Type: Power Plant Diesel Generators
Main: 5 each Cat C175 2,586 bHP (1,929 KW)
Emergency: 1 each Cat 3512C 1,478bHp (1,103 KW)

R-550D Jackup Drilling Rig Design Specifications

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