Piping / Mechanical Capabilities

Zentech’s personnel has experience with:

  • Chemical processes which produced polymers for the plastics industry.
  • Air separation, liquefaction, storage, transfer and expansion systems for gasses such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen as well as Helium and Argon processing.
  • Petrochemical refining, Sulfur recovery units and Olefin separation.
  • Aerospace fluid transfer systems for storage, expansion, and compression of cryogenic Fluids (including Oxygen and LOX system). 
  • High temperature ceramic piping for high temperature supersonic fluid transfer and testing
  • Ethylene, Methane, Silane, and JP fluids, for storage, transfer and delivery of high temperature fluids in excess of 3500 deg F for Mach 4 thru 7 simulation and testing for the High Temperature 8 Foot Test Tunnel Facility.


Zentech Engineering Work:

  • Zentech mechanical engineering staff has experience working with piping systems ranging from:
  • Pressures from Full vacuum to 15,000 psi [1035 BAR] (liquid and gas)
  • Temperatures from -60oF [-51oC] to 1000oF [538oC]
  • Zentech has designed systems including but not limited to:
  • Potable water, sewage and breathing air all requiring health considerations along with fluid dynamics.
  • Drilling and completion fluids involving chemical compounds such as Corrosion inhibitors, Zinc Bromide and Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Gas systems such as Nitrogen, Oxygen and Methane
  • Liquid natural gas, liquid Nitrogen, and Fluorocarbon Cryogenic systems
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