Zentech Videos

Thank you for visiting our videos page.  Zentech is taking new measures with investing in videos that can help our past, current, and potential customers see how our innovative engineering solutions can help your goals in the oil & gas industry.

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New-Build Design Videos

R-550D Construction Progress Video

China State Shipbuilding Corporation has made with the construction of Zentech's R-550D offshore jack-up drilling rig unit.

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Zentech's ZENLOCK™

Zentech's patented ZENLOCK™ hull-to-leg fixation system for jackup rigs.

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Zentech Jackup Rig Design R-550D

View the construction sequence of Zentech's Jackup Rig Design, the R-550D.

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Modular Offshore Platforms - Zentech

Zentech's Offshore Modular Platform Drilling Rig Design is packaged and ready for construction.

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Semi-submersible Jackup Drilling Rig for Polar Waters.

Zentech's new and innovative new-build patent-pending design for semi-submersible jackup drilling rig for polar waters.

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Zee Rig 1 Accommodations Vessel

Zentech is the owner of Zee Rig 1, a Semi-SWATH technology vessel that is approximately 75% complete and in a bare-deck configuration.

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Zee Luxury

This luxurious SWATH vessel is incredibly stable and has motions that make it appear and feel to not move.

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